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Color Reference Materials


ARO Scientific has created color reference materials to support quality control at oil and fat refineries and for water use.

Why are color reference materials important?

Used in the routine calibration of colour measuring instruments, verification of test data and ensuring good inter-laboratory or inter-instrument correlation. The range of liquid standards includes AOCS-Tintometer, ASTM, Gardner, Lovibond RYBN, Pt-Co and Saybolt Colour, the key colour scales for many products.

They are supplied with full traceability to the internationally recognised standards of ISO/IEC 17025 & ISO 17034, accredited by UKAS (ASTM, Gardner & Saybolt Colour) or the ISO 9001 quality system (AOCS-Tintometer, Lovibond RYBN & Pt-Co Colour) under the control of Tintometer's ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

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Alpha Resources also offers ARO Scientific certified reference materials for a number of specialty industrial applications. Click below for additional information.     


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