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Flux Option​​​​​​​

Borate fluxes from Alpha Resources.

Alpha Resources manufactures and sources the most comprehensive mix of consumables and certified reference materials offered by any aftermarket supplier in the spectroscopy marketplace.  This means Alpha Resources is your home for consumables  that may be difficult or cost prohibitive to source elsewhere. 

Alpha's fluxes are homogeneous and offered in powder or bead form. They are sold in two grades of purity (pure 99.98 + % or ultra pure 99.995 + %) and are available with or without integrated non-wetting agents (NWAs).  Alpha's fluxes are stable, non-hygroscopic, high density, anhydrous, dust-free and offer very good fluidity. 

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We're here to support your lab with high quality product you can trust to perform. 

Latest News

Stevensville, Michigan, July 9, 2024 – Alpha Resources LLC has recently expanded their product offerings to include borate flux options.  Click for details

Stevensville, Michigan, April 23, 2024 – Alpha Resources LLC has recently expanded their product offerings to include ARO Scientific standards. Click here to read more.