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Certificates of Analysis

Alpha Resources® offers a wide variety of Reference Materials and concentrations. Alpha takes the time to find the correct raw materials using a vigorous process for preparation that ensures shelflife and stability of analysis.

Pins/Rings: Alpha's selection in material grades, along with the latest manufacturing technologies and surface preparation, ensure shelf-life and stability for laboratory testing confidence.

Chips: Using the latest machining technologies to ensure consistent chip size, cleanliness, and homogeneity leads to a more stable chip reference material and consistent analysis.

Design Method and Certification Process

Alpha Resources® is committed to providing industry leading reference materials. This all begins with our certification process, which has been standardized, with a strong track record of precision and accuracy.

With the resources available to Alpha, we provide certified values with minimal bias. This is accomplished by employing multiple analyzers from competing OEM’s to eliminate any manufacturer bias. (Alpha Resources is not an OEM and maintains multiple instruments from several leading OEMs in our lab.) In addition, we multiple technicians run these instruments. Certification runs can take weeks, and even months, until we’re satisfied with the data.

Robust statistical techniques are utilized to create a value that is not only repeatable -  but also very reproducible. We also set ourselves apart from the competition by not limiting ourselves in terms of primary Reference Materials to establish our traceability. At Alpha Resources, we use reference materials from various international Metrology Institutes. We use the latest methods and follow developing publications closely for updates on techniques and requirements. Our goal is to produce a certified reference material that will be fit for your purpose, regardless of instrumentation or method.

We process a single lot of material at a time to ensure no cross-contamination occurs. Sometimes, this requires additional time for lots to be certified, however, this rigerous process guarantees there will be no mix-ups. All of our equipment is maintained and calibrated at specified intervals to be certain the instrumentation delivers optimal performance. 

Our knowledge of the industry allows us to be on the cutting edge in terms of development of new standards. Alpha offers a wide variety of compositions with various base materials to fit your specific needs.  We’re always willing to work with the customer to help find just what they’re looking for;and our phone lines are open for quick consultations, if necessary.

More questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us.

Below is a complete list of standards: past and current standard certifications provided by Alpha Resources 

This list is for REFERENCE, only. 

Latest News

Stevensville, Michigan, April 23, 2024 – Alpha Resources LLC has recently expanded their product offerings to include ARO Scientific standards. Click here to read more.

Stevensville, Michigan, April 16, 2024 – Alpha Resources LLC is pleased to announce the following new product offerings and updates in certified reference materials which have been released in Q1 of 2024 from their lab. Click for details