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New Electrode Insert for RHEN602 Analyzers: (fraction of oem price)
   AR6198 (619-896)
   AR51183 (611-351-183)
   AR51180 (611-351-180)

- New SC832 Quick Reference Guide - SC832

NEW Oxygen/Nitrogen in Steel Stardard AR1653 (1 gram pin)(Lot815D) %O:0.0006 %N:0.0020

NEW Organic Analytical Standard AEB2049 BBOT (2,5-(Bis(5-tert-butyl-2-benzo-oxazol-2-yl) thiophene)  25 gram bottle

Tungsten price has dropped dramatically. Contact Alpha to find out how much we can save you!  

Alpha offers twelve different titanium standards for oxygen/nitrogen/hydrogen analysis. In stock and ready to ship today!

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Alpha Resources has been successfully offering the Eltra Product line since 1994, Eltra provides high quality alternative to other very expensive manufacturers.


Eltra CS800 Carbon and Sulfur in Metal and Inorganic

Eltra CS2000 Carbon and Sulfur in Metals, Inorganic and Organic in ONE UNIT

Eltra CS580 Carbon and Sulfur in Organic Material

Eltra ON900 Nitrogen and Oxygen in Metal and Inorganic

Eltra OH900 Hydrogen and Oxygen in Metal and Inorganic

Eltra OHN2000 Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen in Metal and Inorganic Material

Contact Alpha for more information: sales@alpharesources.com or 1-800-833-3083

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